Nataly Gutierrez

Hi, my name is Nataly Gutierrez and welcome to my writing portfolio. I enjoy writing and I've written a variety of different topics.

Staff – The Skyline View

Hi, my name is Nataly Gutierrez! This is my 6th-semester attending Skyline college and I’m majoring in Journalism and Communications. This is my last semester attending Skyline and I wish to transfer to Chapman University Fall 2018. This is my first semester being a part of the Skyline View and I am very excited to write a lot of stories and my opinions. In my free time, I enjoy reading books and working out. I also enjoy hanging out with my family and friends.

Spring forward into the season with new looks!

Welcome spring! Even though the current weather doesn’t seem to be for Spring, I have a couple of school outfits that I want to show you guys. I’ve always loved winter clothes and shoes, whether its turtlenecks, boots, sweaters, leather jackets. Since I really don’t go out a lot, what is a better way to dress nicely for school since I’m always here! I love dressing comfortable and practical especially when I take the time to plan my outfits over the weekend when I’m not that busy. Therefore, wh

Closing the book on digital

Technology has been advancing as the years pass by to the point where anyone can now read digitally, but a lot of people aren’t really fond of this due to physical print being more efficient through a learning approach, parenting techniques and has fewer health risks to vision. Nowadays, the majority of smartphone users are easily distracted because while they read digitally, they may get text message or social media notifications. Whereas, when physical print is read, distraction is less likel

Less guns more laws

The U.S. is one of the countries with the highest gun homicides rates, while other countries in Asia and Europe have lower gun homicides rates. Sadly, the American people have been living in a country where there has been a lot of senseless and heartbreaking mass shootings. According to the NPR article “Gun Violence: How The U.S. Compares With Other Countries,” for every 100,000 violent gun deaths, the U.S. has 3.85 deaths. It’s time for the United States to have stricter gun laws such as raisi

Women are becoming more equal

In the past, society looked down on women for playing sports because they thought women didn’t have the same capabilities as men to play, but those misconceptions have changed. Here is why a vast majority of women do not play sports: Women live in a society filled with misconceptions that prevent them from developing skills in fields they’re passionate about. Historically, women were seen as unable to have certain professions such as doctors, pilots, engineers and athletes. Since people though

A collection of curated fashion accessories

Accessories are every woman’s necessity! I mean, who doesn’t like accessories? They give a final touch and add that bling to our outfits. I have a couple of accessories to show you, my go-tos that I cannot live without! One accessory that I love and I cannot live without are my rings! I always try to have my nails done, to wear all of my rings. They look so nice on your hands. I buy most of my rings from Forever 21. Two of my rings are from H&M. My rings were really affordable. When I bought t

The psychological impact of midterms on students

As the semester progresses students feel many emotions such as anxiety and stress, especially right now with midterms in full swing. Students tend to suffer through these severe emotions making it difficult for them to study or get good grades in their classes because of other priorities they may have. Skyline student Amante Jones, a Biology major, has attended Skyline for six semesters and who struggles with these types of emotions and shared his experience on the subject. “Being a student y

Joie de vivre

Some of my favorite things that I love doing in my free time are: reading, writing, working out and hanging out with my friends and family. These are the things I like doing in my free time, on a weekly basis: The first thing that I enjoy doing in my free time is working out. I’ve always been such a proactive girl in the sense that I need to do something and not be home all day. If I’m at home all day I get into a bad mood and I just feel like that day went to waste. I’ve started working out

Skyline College construction projects update

As the spring semester comes to an end, the Capital Improvement Program, or CIP3, finished some construction projects and continues to work on others for Skyline. As an update to the article published last semester by Olivia Bowman titled Developments on campus cause chaos, construction for the new Environmental Science building that will be built on Vista Ridge is now well underway. The Capital Improvement Program is a very elaborate program that goes from initial planning to construction and

Middle-class students look to community college as their first option

Community colleges have become a more common choice for education among middle-class students in the United States. Students may not want to attend UC or CSU institutions after high school as they may be indecisive in regards to what they want to major in while many look to community college for its affordability. Many students find their path toward what they want to study in the future while attending a community college. Research conducted by the Community College Research Center states tha

History repeats itself in Nicaragua

This past week the country of Nicaragua has seen one of their largest protests since the country’s Civil War in 1960s and 1970s. Daniel Ortega became the president of Nicaragua in 2007 and has been in power ever since. He first became the coordinator of the Junta of National Reconstruction in 1979 and became president in 1985 until 1990 when they began doing elections again. He is part of the political party Sandinista National Liberation Front which is a socialist party similar to the one of H